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Roll Monsters is an up to 4 Players local Multiplayer Game in which you have to be the last one to survive! Use dodge, roll and special abilities in order to defeat your opponents and win.

The Game supports XInput controllers and most standard controllers like the Dualshock 4.

Controls (for Xbox Controller):

Left Stick - Movement
LS + A/RT Direction Dash
LS + B/LT Directional Dodge
LS + Y/RB Special Ability
X/LB Taunt

Do you want to play the game Online? We suggest using Parsec, a free program to play local Multiplayer games Online!


UI/UX Designer: Admir Hyka
System Designer: Samuele Castello
UI/UX Designer: Manuel Bo
UI/Sound/Animation Programmer: Gabriele Ferreccio
Gameplay Programmer: Ettore Palma
Env/UI Concept Artist: Veronica Rubba
Character Designer/Illustrator: Antonio Benenati
Character/Env 3D Artist: Alejandro Maccagnano
VFX/Animations/Shader 3D Artist: Giona Ghiglione
Env 3D Artist: Michele Gelli

Install instructions

Extract the folder somewhere on your pc. Run the .exe of the game.


RollMonsters.zip 257 MB

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